COOLOUS Smart Lock Keyless Touchscreen Digital Door Lock Smart Deadbolt Fully Automatic (with Handle)

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  • Stainless steel case:
    Durable and strong, the lock case is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Shiny Tempered Glass:
    Full Screen Touchscreen keypad with backlit, durable and explosion-proof
  • Reversible Handle:
    Makes this lock the perfect fit for either left or right swing doors.
  • Share E-key & Code:
    Grant access to anyone with permanent, cyclic, one-time, and timed passcodes that can be generated from anywhere. 
  • Easy & Powerful App: 
    Built-in app logs show who comes and goes, lock status, battery life, etc. For complete access to all the features of the lock via the app
  • Lock Body Options: 
    European standard
  • Unlock Method:
    • Capacitive fingerprint on the handle (option)
    • Anti-peep touchscreen keypad
    • Mechanical key
    • Smartphone App
    • RFID(M1) tag

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