NB-IoT Smoke Detector Alarm with Battery Powered with Ring Alarm Security System (Only bulk orders accepted via email)

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  • The easy-to-install Smoke detector will alert you to  smoke in your home. It offers a combination of siren and smartphone alerts. 
  • It can notify you of dangers whether you are asleep in bed or away from home. 
  • The smart voice alerts even tell you what is occurring and how you should proceed.
  • Get alerts on your phone: Detector sends you a message when there’s a problem or the batteries run low, in case you aren’t home.
  • App Silence, Just burned the toast? The detector lets you quiet the alarm from your phone.
  • NB channel upload reporting: smoke alarm information, smoke particle concentration data, battery power, ambient temperature value
  • Platform issue command: release alarm command, set alarm detection threshold, set equipment sleep and platform handshake interval
  • Dual-channel power supply: 2 x AAA alkaline battery for smoke sensor, 2 x AA alkaline battery for NB module

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